The Magic of Everyday

The magic of everyday is not as hard to find as you may think. It is human nature to over-complicate things. The thought that in order for something to be ‘special’ or ‘meaningful’ that it must be complex, expensive, or overly involved is odd human perception that we all live within our daily lives.

For Pagans, part of the magic is finding that deep meaning in the small things, the mundane, the everyday. Yes, stirring that pot of soup can be a magical act, why not? Much of what we do resides in our own personal intent, which means nothing has to be complicated or overly complex. Doing the dishes? Add a little bit of intent and let that water wash away not just the grime…but also stress, or perhaps a cleaning ritual to bring more light and health to your home. Simple right?

Not all aspects of magic need to be done with complex memorized rituals either, or ancient runes carved in rare minerals, or with the burning of specifically colored candles. There is magic everywhere! Smiling at someone with the full intent of brightening their day is magic. It is simple, uncomplicated, and can be done anytime, anywhere without any complicated words, materials, etc.

Here are some small things that can help you recognize and live in a more magical way in your everyday life, by simply being mindful of your Intent, Energy and Focus.


  • Live in the moment – Yes, this is harder than it seems. We are often bogged down with what-ifs and thoughts of what tomorrow brings. But if you take a moment, to just be in the moment, look up at the sky and realize that you will never see that particular cloud ever again…that that rustling of wings or bird song in the distance is existent at that moment only and never again, you gain a new perspective. Hear, feel, visualize more deeply, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes each day, and feel the magic of the moment you are currently living in. This will teach you focus, clear your mind, and often some much-needed stress relief as a bonus!
  • Intent – Being aware of the energy you put into the world is also a bit of a tough one. We are beings that are often guided by our emotions. That moment of instant anger, or deep despair. However, take a few moments each day, to be fully aware of your intent. When you kiss your partner or kids goodbye in the morning, put yourself fully in that moment, make that goodbye count, pour and direct your intent of good vibes or protection over them fully and with great care. It’s those moments of complete awareness that make great changes in the energy around us. Annoyed at the long line at the coffee shop…stop…think…re-direct that feeling into something positive. Yes, getting your coffee with a delay is hard, but maybe send those hard-working baristas a little extra good vibes, maybe they’re having a tough day, maybe someone ahead of you yelled at them, greet them with a smile, and you will soon see that not only¬† do you help brighten their day…but you will also feel better yourself.
  • Don’t Waste Energy – this goes hand in hand with proper intent from above. Magic is in the intent of the energy you put out, be mindful of the energy you are sending out there. That flash of anger and annoyance at the coffee stand sends out negative energy. You’ve heard it before, but negative attracts negative, and positive attracts positive. Don’t waste your energy, it’s precious! Focus your will and allow it to fill your action. Staying positive is hard, and sometimes you will want to send out a little negativity if it helps your intent come into fruition; however, always be mindful that you want to spend energy on things that are worth your time, and are for the good of yourself and those around you. Anything else is wasted energy.
  • Focus – All of these tips go hand in hand. You can’t bring about change with your energy and intent if you’re not directing them towards something specific. Otherwise, it all just floats away into the nether. Smile with the intent to brighten not just someone else’s day…but your own!

Hope you enjoyed this tiny bit of wisdom on how to find the magic of everyday in your life!

Love & Light,


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