Modernizing my Book of Shadows
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Modernizing Your Book of Shadows or Grimoire

This is a bit more of an opinion piece, but it will be part of a series on how I am modernizing my Book of Shadows and my Grimoire. I love making stuff, mostly paper crafts, and I also crochet and sew from time to time. Right now there are a lot of amazing celestial, magical, and star-related items in craft stores. I just cannot help myself, I buy scrapbook¬†paper as if I will never see it again in my life. It’s a problem…but I digress. All the amazing goodies I’ve been hoarding…err…collecting got me thinking. What if I bring my BoS and Grimoire out of the dark ages, and into modern times. Give them a little facelift.

Back when I was younger, I definitely liked the more ‘natural and rural’ kind of look. I still do, but I’m starting to feel like my BoS is no longer speaking to me. It feels a bit drab and dark, and I want it to be more magical more sparkle! In comes all those insane goodies I’ve been gathering.¬† What if I gave one of my books (I’m starting with the BoS) a modern facelift? I decided to start with the BoS because let’s face it, my old one is a hot mess. My organizational skills with it failed long ago, and between pages starting to fall out, and stuff out of order, it was becoming more of a chore than a joy to use.

I am posting images of some of the goodies I’ve found (mostly at Michaels and Joann’s) but probably available both online or other craft stores. These will become the ’embellishments’ to the new updated BoS I’m going to be working on.

The biggest change is that I’m going from a sewn book form to a disc-system. This is quite popular for planners, but I think it will translate well to a BoS. I purchased a ‘Happy Planner’ monthly planner that had the perfect cover, and I also chose to purchase a case-protective cover for it. Mostly for protection and longevity. I already had a growing collection of celestially themed scrapbook paper, which will double as pages within the new BoS, as well as additional tabs. The planner pages themselves will probably be discarded, as the only usable items for me on this project are the cover, the discs themselves, and the tabs. Though if you tend to keep track of magical happenings in your BoS, the planner pages may be quite handy for that as well.

There are cons to the disc system of course. One is that you do run the risk of damaging pages with heavy use and that you also have to use fairly sturdy stock to prevent wear and tear. Pros are that you can expand your book with time, and you can even upgrade the disks to larger ones should the need arise. Swapping pages is a bit easier, as is moving stuff around to other locations within the book.

I work at a stationery store, and we make custom planners, journals, cards, etc. So I have easier access to thicker plain cardstocks, and pre-printed materials, but any good weight stock from a craft store will do the trick.

Ways to embellish the book should be pretty endless, for now, I have purchased some washi tape for the inside, and a pretty moon jewelry piece for the outside cover, which will be attached with a matching colored chain. There are many gorgeous stickers that can be used, along with my own handcrafted items.

If this works well for the BoS, I will be attempting a similar facelift to my Grimoire. Probably not in as loud colors as the BoS, I will most likely go with a rustic theme for that book, but I do hope you join me in this crazy venture!

Here are the photos of the goodies you’ll see used in some of the follow-up blog posts about this project.

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