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Magic Everyday – Daily Influences and Correspondences

Daily influences are important for magic practitioners and spell workers. Every detail is taken into account to better shape the energy being put into their work. This not only includes the ingredients being used in the spell or magical ritual, but also the phase of the moon, the date and time in the calendar year, time, and of course the day a magical work is being produced on.

This is a small cheat-sheet (perfect for an entry in your book of shadows) of the Day Influences which can be used in spellwork or rituals! My personal list was derived from a couple of different sources, and I hope it becomes useful in your own personal practice!

When creating spells, amulets, holding a ritual, or practicing other magical work, the day can greatly influence the energies being put into a spell. The days not only affect your work but are also affected themselves by the different energies used in magical work.

By using all your resources to select items which align with your goal, your spellwork or ritual work will become more efficient and accurate. This handy Daily influences sheet will help you when creating your plans for spell and ritual work.

Daily Influences - Monday


Celestial influence – Moon

Color correspondences – silver, white, grey

Herb correspondences – moonwort, myrtle, violet, willow, wormwood

Misc influences – dreams, emotions, clairvoyance, home, family, medicine, cooking, personality, merchandising, preventing theft.

Daily Influences - Tuesday


Celestial influence – Mars

Color correspondences – red, orange

Herb correspondences – basil, dragon’s blood, patchouli

Misc. influences – dynamic energy, matrimony, war, warding enemies, hunting, surgery, courage, politics, contests

Daily Influences - Wednesday


Celestial influence – Mercury

Color correspondences – grey, iridescent, opal, violet, yellow

Herb correspondences – jasmine, lavender

Misc. influences – communication, teaching, reason, divination, skill, debt, fear, self-improvement, loss

Daily Influences - Thursday


Celestial influence – Jupiter

Color correspondences – blue, indigo, purple

Herb correspondences – cinnamon, cinquefoil, musk, nutmeg, sage

Misc. influences – health, honor, luck, riches, clothing, money, legal matters, desires

Daily Influences - Friday


Celestial influence – Venus

Color correspondences – aqua, green, pink

Herb correspondences – lime, saffron, sandalwood, thyme

Misc. influences – love, friendship, social activities, strangers, pleasure, art, music, incense, and other scents (i.e. perfumes)

Daily Influences - Saturday


Celestial influence – Saturn

Color correspondences – black, dark grey, indigo

Herb correspondences – black poppy seeds, mullein, myrrh

Misc. influences – discipline, life, building, doctrine, protection, freedom, elderly, destroying diseases and pests

Daily Influences - Sunday


Celestial influence – Sun

Color correspondences – gold, orange, white, yellow

Herb correspondences – frankincense, lemon, St. Johnswort

Misc. influences – individuality, hope, fortune, money, work, power, healing, promotions, strength, spirituality



This is all for today! I hope this handy list is helpful and a good addition to your Book of Shadows or Grimoires!

Love and Light



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