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How to keep a Lunar Journal (and what to put in it)

I love keeping journals, about anything and everything. Along with my Book of Shadows and my Grimoire, I also keep a series of journals on different topics. One of them being a Lunar journal.
I am creating a short article on what a Lunar journal is, and what you can keep within it. These items could also be kept in a Moon journal area within your Book of Shadows or Grimoire, so they’re not exclusive to their own journal book.

Because a large portion of rituals and spell work are carried out according to phases of the moon, it is quite beneficial to keep a journal which will aid you in keeping track of practices and results.
My Lunar journal serves as an addition to the Grimoire, where information on energies, research, work, and results are kept. Below are just some of the things that can be tracked in a Lunar journal.


Lunar Journal Ideas and Prompts

full moonLunar affirmations, poetry, and favorite or inspirational quotes

full moonNames are the significance of full moons for every month of the year

full moonFull Moon rituals

full moonInformation about eclipses and their significance. Including spell or ritual work conducted and their results.

full moonMoon lore and myths.

full moonReflection and observations of the Moon.

full moonFavorite moon artwork or create your own lunar-inspired art!

full moonLunar Spells, including cleansing spells, and empowering or recharging spells.

full moonInformation about Lunar energy in all of its different phases.

full moonAstrological information

full moonResearch on Lunar Deities and their affiliations

full moonLunar associations of crystals and herbs

full moonYour personal lunar celebrations and how they are conducted

full moonPersonal journal of your growth and changes during the current or past Lunar cycle

full moonTools you use for your moon rituals, including favorite scents, colors, divination method for full moon readings, teas, and oil blends

full moonResearch on your own moon sign, and natal chart in relation to the sign of Cancer (the sign of the moon)

full moonPersonal record of things you want to release during the lunar cycle, and your success or failure

I hope these prompts help you in creating your very own Lunar Journal or help add to the Moon sections of your Book of Shadows or Grimoire.
A witches’ connection to the Moon and its energies is one not to be neglected or ignored.

Love and Light,

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