January Wolf Moon
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January Wolf Moon Lore, Correspondences, Magic

January brings the Wolf Moon. The first full moon of the year. As a new feature, every month I will make a post about the months’ Full Moon. Including names, associations, ritual and spell work, lore, etc. So sit back, relax, and let’s get lunar!

This January, if you are in North America, you are in extreme luck. As the first Full Moon of the year, the Wolf Moon, will also be blessed with a total Lunar Eclipse. This magnificent event is called the Super Blood Wolf Moon with Lunar Eclipse. The moon itself takes on a red tint as it moves through the shadow of Earth. The eclipse will take place on the night of  January 20th into January 21st.

What’s in a Name

Let’s begin with the name. Why is this Full Moon called the Super Blood Wolf Moon?  In the traditions of North American Native Americans, the first Full Moon of January is called the Wolf Moon. Ancient peoples would name the moons of different months in accordance with events and features happening during that time span. In North America, Native American tribes coined the January Moon the Wolf Moon. Many believe the name was derived by the howling of wolves which intensifies during the first 2 months of the year as wolves enter their breeding cycles. Also, during the long, cold winter months, wolves would come closer to human settlements in search of sustenance, making them more vocal and visible.

I live in the Northwest, and so I have also chosen to call this moon the Wolf Moon in my personal practice; however, the January moon has been called: Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Disting Moon, and Moon of Little Winter.

Eclipse Event of January 2019

Let’s get a little bit nerdy since the 2019 January Full Moon has a very special event, if you are interested here is a bit more information and links to the scientific part of things. This particular event gets its name of Blood Moon, due to the shade or tinge of red that the eclipse will give the Moon as it passes through Earth’s shadow. The addition of ‘Super’ comes due to the proximity of the Moon to Earth, as it makes one of it’s closest passes to our planet.

If you are in North America, and interested in this event, here is a fantastic .gif showing approximate times, and scientific information on the event. You can also click here for detailed information provided by NASA for this celestial event.

January 2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse
Credit: Nasa/Fred Espenak/Scott Sutherland


Correspondences of the Wolf Moon

As with anything in Pagan practices, the months and Moons have correspondences. How you use these correspondences is largely up to you. From decorating your altar for the month, or including them in spellcasting and ritual work. This is a fantastic list to add to your Book of Shadows or Grimoire!

Colors: Black, White, Silver, Violet

Animals: Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes, Blue Jay, and Pheasants

Gemstones: Hematite, Ruby, Selenite, Moonstone, Opal, Garnet, Jet, Onyx, Obsidian

Trees: Birch, Hazel

Scents: Oakmoss, Musk & Mimosa

Deities: Inanna, Freyja, Skadi, Morrigan, Hecate amongst others depending on your tradition and beliefs.

Nature Spirits: Brownies and Gnomes

Flowers: Crocus, Snowdrop, Thistle, Willow

Herbs: Nuts and Seeds, Marjoram, Basil, Pinecones

Element: Air


Magic Workings of the Wolf Moon

If you practice spellcasting or ritualistic magic, here are some correspondences associated with the Full Moon of January. The Full moon phase is the most powerful aspect of the moon. Perfect for any ritual or magical workings.

full moonProtection Magic – January, and specifically the full moon of January is a great time for spellcasting and ritual work geared towards both physical and protection. You want to begin your year on the right foot! Asking the energies to bless you with protection and guidance for the New Year is a good way to start.

full moonPersonal Development – Another good start-of-the-year work is Personal development. Augmented by the energies of the full moon, ritual work, and spellwork relating to personal growth, development of the higher self, higher spirituality, and better connection to your chosen deities or energies is good practice.

full moonMeditation and Focus work – Much like New Year’s resolutions, taking a moment during this month to focus and direct your energy towards a year-long-goal is a popular choice.


full moonFull Moon Magic – Whatever your practice, January’s full moon is supercharged and a great time to work on windows, intuition, and divination work.


full moonLetting Go – With the end of the past year behind you, and the beginning of a new one, January is a great time for work on letting bad habits go, starting on a clean spiritual plate, and letting go of things that are holding you back.


Spell for Wolf Moon

I don’t do many spells or ritual work in my personal practice; however, for the New Year, I try to always create a familiar/pet protection amulet for all my furry friends.

Familiar/Pet Protection Amulet

What You’ll Need

  • A small sample of Hair from your familiar or pet (naturally shed)
  • A small piece of a protective evergreen of your choice (such as Pine)
  • Small protective gemstone or mineral (such as hematite, or black tourmaline)
  • Small container (such as a pouch, bag, locket, etc. Size will depend on where you intend to keep it)
  • Candle in a protection color (such as black, light blue, pink or white)


Begin your full-moon ritual as your tradition and practice dictates.

Light your candles.

Ready all of your spellwork materials and give them a blessing while empowering them with your protective intent.

Take some time to meditate, ask your specified Deities or energies for their help and guidance on this work.

Focus on the protection of your familiar/pet, filling your mind with protective energy towards them, warding them from all harm.

Begin to place your ingredients into the container, concentrating on the protective energies you want to put into the amulet.

After the amulet is created. End your rite as your tradition or practice dictates, and leave the amulet to charge by the light of the Full moon overnight.

After the amulet is charged it can be kept with you for protection/peace and link to your familiar/pet, sewn into your familiar/pets favorite bed or hang out spot, or kept in a special place on your working altar.


I hope you have enjoyed this look into January’s Wolf Moon. Let me know in the comment section if it was helpful, and if there are other topics like this one you’d like to see in the future!

Love and Light,



Here is a quick infographic of this post. Not all information is included, but it’s great for sharing or saving for later (I see you Pinterest folks).



January Wolf Moon Infographic




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