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DIY Nordic Runes

Good morning everyone! We got hit with a massive wind storm last night here in the pacific northwest! But luckily still had power this morning to create this quick DIY Nordic Runes post for you!

It’s a new year, and I’m sure some of you will be venturing on to new adventures and learning different topics. Perhaps one of them is Rune divination work? I myself have a long road of learning when it comes to Runes. I decided since that’s one of the things I’ll be tackling this year, I’d make some home-made runes to use. They are quite easy to make and super fast!  So I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial, now let’s get to Rune-making!


For this DIY Nordic Runes tutorial, I am using just a small handful of materials.

materials bag, stones and sharpie

  • Large CZ beads (you can use any flat item, rocks, beads, pieces of wood, even paper!
  • Silver Sharpie
  • Bag or another container

These items were not costly, and if you want to use natural materials, such as sticks, flat river rocks, or other items from your yard, it can even be totally free! My total costs were as follows: a bag of flat CZ beads $2.25 (bag of 25), Silver sharpie $2.97 (for a 2-pack), and a small baggie to keep the runes in for $.66 for a grand total of $5.88

I make jewelry quite often, and purchase both the beads and the bags from my favorite bead place Shipwreck Beads


Creating Your Runes

Now, making the runes is ridiculously easy. First, you will want to look up a chart. I searched ‘Nordic Rune Symbols’ on Pinterest and got the images I needed right away. This will work on google just the same. You can visit my Pinterest Rune board here as a shortcut!  Now, you’re not required to use the Nordic Rune System, you can use any runes you like, you can even make your own!

DIY Runes markings

Next, simply use your sharpie to mark the flat surfaces with the Rune symbol. I do suggest you choose a flat surface just for ease of making your markings and casting your runes. Sharpie worked perfectly on the beads I use, despite them being glossy, the sharpie adhered quickly and does not smudge on them. You can also carve in your runes, or use paint! I do not suggest using gel pens, they will smear on just about anything, so stay away from those. I marked my runes on just one side, but you can certainly mark both sides if your material is flat on both sides.

And there you have it! Just give your marking medium plenty of time to dry and set, and then your runes are ready for use! Simple right?

finished runes

finished rune stones in bag



I hope this short post has been helpful, I look forward to seeing your own home-made runes!

Love and Light


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