How to make Sage Oxymel
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Crafting – Making Oxymel

Oxymel, what the heck is that? you may ask. Well, Oxymel is an ancient herbal preparation that combines vinegar, herbs, and honey. It makes bitter herbs easier to ingest, and it’s considered a remedy for various ailments including colds and sore throats.

Making Sage Herb Oxymel

Sage Oxymel is made of 1/3-1/2 Honey, 1/4 herb and the remainder is vinegar. Most people use raw apple cider vinegar due to its rich probiotic properties. You can also use white balsamic for a milder taste.


yields 1 quart

1 to 2 cups of fresh garden sage, chopped finely

1 to 1.5 cups of raw honey

2 to 2.5 cups of white balsamic vinegar or raw apple cider vinegar.

1qt wide mouth jar

sharp knife



heating element


labels & a pen


Pick fresh sage from your garden or indoor pots. Allow the sage to wilt for a few hours to overnight. When Sage is limp, chop the sage finely with a sharp knife, including light stems (do not include coarse or thick stems). Set aside.

Clean and sanitize a wide mouth quart jar. place the sage in the jar. Pour 1 cup of honey over the sage. Stil with a spoon to fully mix the sage leaves with the honey. The jar should be about 1/3rd full with the herbs and honey.

Heat the vinegar in a saucepan until it is just about 110F. Don’t overheat! Warming the vinegar allows it to mix more readily with the honey and herbs already in the jar.

Pour the vinegar over the herbs and honey. Stir to fully blend the ingredients. The jar should be full at this point. Place a tight-fitting lid on the jar and set aside. Remember to label and date your jar!

Let the oxymel sit in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. You can leave it up to a month or two for a richer deeper taste.

Processing Oxymel and Using your finished product

When you are ready to use it, heat the jar slightly in warm water to make it free-flowing. Strain the herbs out of the oxymel, and reserve the liquid.

The finished liquid Oxymel will preserve at room temperature for about 6 months, and up to 1 year if refrigerated. If you notice any mold, discard! Both the vinegar and the honey are excellent preservatives, but you won’t’ want any random moisture or pollutants getting in there!

Serve it by the spoonful for sore throats, coughs, colds, fevers, indigestion or tummy upset. You can also place a spoonful in hot water, and sip it slowly as a diluted tea for sore throats and general malaise.

You can take your Sage Oxymel to another level with the addition of Rosemary, Hyssop, Yarrow, Golden Rod, Oregano, or Marjoram.


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