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Common divination terms and what they mean

Divination terms can be difficult to understand when you’re beginning your journey into the divination world.  Here is a quick list of commonly used terminology that is associated with many divination tools, systems, and users. p.s. this is a good list to keep handy in your Book of Shadows or Grimoire!

Divination Terms

Augury – Divination technique based on the observation and interaction with animals or events. Often seen as omens. Watching birds is one of such systems.

Automatism – Divination technique where a medium channels a spirit, who then writes or draws messages for the recipient. Automatic writing is one such method.

Binary Divination – Divination systems which use yes/no type answers. Pendulum use is one of these systems.

Cast System – Divination system in which objects are mixed, then cast on a surface. After being cast they are interpreted by the patterns and resting locations of the objects. Lithomancy and I-Ching are two of these such methods.

Drawn System – Divination systems where the user draws out an item in response to a question. Common methods are Tarot, Oracle cards, and Runes.

Geomantic System – System that interprets configurations or patterns. Such as Austromancy (wind watching) and Feng Shui.

Media – Basic components of divination system. The actual items used, for example in Tarot, the cards are the media.

Medium – A medium is a person who acts as the carrier and delivery system between the worlds.

Omen – An event thought to predict something. One such example is if a butterfly flies into your home, you will receive good news.

Oracle – Mediums who work in the service of a specific deity. Such as the Delphic Oracle in Greece, who was under the service of Apollo.

Prophet – Someone who foretells an event.

Querent – The person receiving the reading and asking the questions.

Random Divination – Methods that take their interpretation value from things that cannot be controlled. Such as finding a penny = good luck.

Reader – The person who is performing the divination or interpreting the results on behalf of the person asking the questions (the Querent).

Scrying – Divination System based on the observation of an object or item and receiving visions as the message. Such as using crystal balls, staring at a candle flame, or using a scrying mirror.

Second Sight – Considered the gift of predicting the future without the use of tools or methods. Usually, Psychics are considered to be gifted with second sight.

Sign – Signs are similar to omens, except the diviner may do something to instigate the coming of a sign. Such as rustling a tree or scaring a flock of birds and then looking for a sign in the wake of the action.

Now that you know what the jargon means, you can begin to choose a divination tool or system to use! In a future post, I will feature ways to choose a divination system that works for you!

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