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Care for your divination tools in 6 easy steps

This next post on my divination series is how to care for your divination tools. If you have chosen a divination tool such as tarot cards, runes, scrying mirrors, etc; you’ll want to take proper care off it. This means regular maintenance, both to keep the tool clean and usable in its physical form, and to keep the energies around it clean as well. You will also want to keep it safely stored between uses.
You will want to care for your divination tools in the same way you’d care for your altar tools, a book of shadows/grimoire, and other important items used in your personal practice.

6 Ways to care for your divination and ritual tools

1. Keep tools wrapped in white cloth between uses

2. Regularly re-charge your divination tools, by bathing them in sunlight or moonlight to keep their energies balanced

3. Once a month or so, take one of your tools and keep it near you while you sleep or meditate to promote an increased sensitivity to their vibrations

4. Consider keeping your tools in a witch cabinet or box which can be locked if you have curious pets or children around

5. Cleanse your tools physically to keep them in clean, good shape, dust can harm both their physical state and their energy. (before cleansing your tools, check that they may not be damaged by what you are cleaning them with!)
-Water may damage stones or crystals. Leather will harden in water, and certain fabrics may shrink, fade, or bleed their color.
-Sunlight – gemstones, some crystals, and fabrics can fade or become brittle in sunlight
-Salt – certain gemstones, metal, leather, and some fabrics can be discolored, or made brittle by salt
-Flame/Heat/Smudging – obviously the biggest issue is items being flammable, but plants and cloth can not only burn but also melt or become brittle in heat or smoke.

6. Routinely perform cleansing rituals on your tools to remove any residual energy left behind after use (this can be as simple as doing a sage-cleanse on your tool. See below for more methods)


Bonus: Ways to Cleanse your Divination and Ritual Tools

Here is another handy list. A few different ways to cleanse your divination tools and ritual items (keeping in mind to protect your item from damage)

Herbs with candles



-Herb Baths: You can use a variety of plants and flowers to both cleanse and fill your tools with energy. Popular cleansing aromatics include roses, sage, and mint.





-Moon Bath: possibly the simplest and most popular way to cleanse tools and ritual items. Also helps to re-charge the energies stored in your items. For deep cleansing, you will want to bathe your item in the light of a full lunar cycle.

Sea salt and oil vial


-Sea Salt: Another popular method is buying your tool in dry sea salt, or giving it a quick sea-salt bath. Dipping tools in the ocean, rivers, or lakes can also have benefits.




-Earth: Certain items need the energies of the earth where they were created, such as stones and gemstones. You can bury them in clean soil, pointing down to ground them. Outdoors is best, but this can easily be done indoors in a potted plant. Placing items in the nooks of trees or burying them near the roots of trees is also a popular method of cleansing and grounding Divination and Ritual tools

Sage and palo santo on white table


-Smudging: We’ve all heard of safe smudging to get rid of bad juju. Works for you and works for your tools too! Another popular smudging material is cedar.





-Cleansing Breath: After deep meditation, you can use your own energy to blow positivity into your tools, as well as cleansing energy.

candle surrounded by dry florals


-Candle Light: Similar to smudging items in smoke, you can run items through or above candlelight to purify and remove negative energies. Obviously, be careful not to damage the tool or yourself!




-Water: Running water can also be used to cleanse your tools as well. Holding the item downward with the flow of water to wash away the bad energy.

I hope these tips have been helpful!

Love and Light,


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