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Book Review – Grimoire for the Green Witch

Book review day! Alright, so trying out something new. I have a huge (almost embarrassing) collection of books. This includes many different occult books, Wicca, and other traditions. Because I am an Eclectic practitioner, it is important to learn from many aspects and see as many different views as possible. There is also nothing wrong with having a totally awesome library of books!

Today I’m bringing you a quick review of one of my favorite books. The Grimoire for the Green Witch – by Ann Moura.  I have several of Ann Mouras’ books, and this one is by far one of my favorites. Green witchcraft has been one of the traditions that most speaks to me, however (and I go into more detail below) this one isn’t quite super ‘Green Witchcraft’. Some of it is quite simple, and some of it is quite involved, and I kind of enjoy that duality. Anyway, on to the review!

Grimoire for the Green Witch

Grimoire for the Green Witch – by Ann Moura


First things first. I purchased this book a few years ago because Green witchcraft has been one of my favorite traditions and I had previously read other of Ann Mouras’ works, so I was intrigued. The book is not your ‘typical’ pagan or witchcraft book. The book is set up very much like a Grimoire or Book of Shadows would be. It is more of a reference guide or a virtual helper for creating your own personal Book of Shadows.  If you have no previous knowledge of Paganism or are just beginning to learn about Pagan traditions or Green Witchcraft, I would say to wait a little bit to pick this one up. The resources within it are fantastic, but they are very direct. Someone without any experience or knowledge may get immediately lost, and not see the absolute value that is in this book.

One of the first things you will notice is there is no index. This is most likely on purpose, to allow the book to read as a real-life Grimoire or BoS would read. This, of course, makes it a tad difficult to search for something specific. Personally, I did not find it too distracting, as I perceived the book to be more of a working Grimoire than a ‘book’ per se. But it is one of the big things missing in it, so I figured I’d mention that.

Another thing I will say is that the information (though amazing) is probably more geared towards working witches than people wanting to learn ‘Green Witchcraft’. What I mean by this is that if you pick up this Grimoire and expect lengthy discussions about herbs or different kinds of earth magic, etc., you’re not going to find it. Some of other Ann Moura books may have more of that, but this one does not. I’m assuming that her personal knowledge of herbs and actual Green/Earth Witchcraft just didn’t translate into a book for others to read. So, if you’re looking for more Earth/Nature/Natural resources this may not have all of that for you.  It is filled with great information, just not 110% nature-based, which I know will be a bigger issue to full Green practitioners.

Another thing that may turn off some people, is how Wicca-centric it feels. Again, as an Eclectic practitioner, this doesn’t bother me. However, the book is not 100% Green Witchcraft based. It does have a lot of Wiccan influence. So, if you’re not into Wicca influenced Green Witchcraft, this again may be a pass for you. A better title for the book would have been Wiccan Green Witchcraft, but you know, sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Green Wiccans however, this one is good for you!

The book itself is pretty much 2 books in one. Under the ‘Contents’ page, you will see this illustrated. Book one is Rituals, and book two is Spells. Within book one, you will find a short description of what Green Witchcraft is, followed by very well-written instructions on casting circles, and other ritual work. There are also Rituals covering the Esbats and Sabbats, and meditation work.  Book two, has (what I consider to be the most important) correspondences and basic spell work items. There are countless lists of correspondences for many different things. Which if you are a spell worker, are simply invaluable resources for creating efficient spells.

Again, these resources will not be useful if you don’t have previous basic knowledge of Green Witchcraft or general Wicca or Paganism. They will honestly look like random lists of ‘stuff’, with no direction or theme.  However, if you have some basic knowledge of any Pagan tradition, the entries in this book will make wonderful additional resources and boost your knowledge base on correspondences and uses for many different things. The different rituals under book one are a fun way to incorporate new things to your celebrations. There are chants, songs, poems which I think are a wonderful addition to any Grimoire.

Overall, as I mentioned, this book is one of my favorite resources for refreshing my mind on correspondences. When looking for an alternative way to celebrate, or just to boost the content of my own Grimoire, this is one of the first books I pick out of the shelf. Though I don’t often work in spellcasting, the information and different charts and lists make it easy to find ingredients and correspondences that would definitely boost any spell or ritual work. As someone who has been practicing for a long while, I find the contents useful as refreshers and even new information that is extremely helpful in a variety of ways within my practice.


Quick Recap

The Good

  • Filled to the brim with correspondences and handy information lists
  • Set up like a real Grimoire would be
  • Various rituals included
  • resources for spellwork

The Bad

  • no index
  • heavily Wiccan-based
  • no explanations or in-depth discussion on any one topic

Final Thoughts

Fantastic book when used as an additional resource for your personal practice, especially for crafting your own spells using the many correspondence charts and lists. Good for learning some new meditations, or seeing different ways rituals can be constructed and performed. Not good if you’re looking for a 100% Green Witchcraft resource, as the book is heavily influenced by Wicca and structured practice. Overall, a must-have if you’re looking to learn and add more information to your own practice and as an additional resource for any Book of Shadows or Grimoire.


I hope this quick review helps someone out there figure out if they want to pick this one up or not!

Love and Light,



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