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7 Easy Preparation steps for Divination work

Preparing for Divination work is important to get the results you want.  One of the common goals of practicing one of the occult or magical arts is to teach ourselves to look beyond the surface and take a deeper look into unseen realms. In a previous blog post we took a look into different Divination tools and techniques that offer ways to look into those deeper realms, gather information, and decipher the answers to questions we may have.

With proper preparation, patience and plenty of personal belief, you will soon begin to reap the benefits of practicing divination in your personal life.

Personal Preparation

To achieve results in any divination work, you must be well-prepared and willing to both learn and grow within your practice. No matter how good or refined the system you use, if you are not in the right set of mind the divination process and results will begin to suffer and not yield the results you want.
Your personal preparation work will differ from the list provided below eventually. Once you begin to practice, you will find some things work better than others for you. You may want to add or take away steps.  Depending on the method you are using, practice and time, your own personal preparation method will emerge. The goal is to be in the right spiritual mindset for successful divination practices.

Preparing for Divination work in 7 easy steps

1.  Fasting – Many people believe fasting before divination work helps cleanse and turn attention away from physical matters and within to spiritual ones.

2.   Relaxation – Being relaxed is essential for quality divination work. Taking a herbal bath or shower beforehand can help attain a relaxed mental state. If time is short, a simple cleansing or grounding ritual may do the trick.  Washing your hands is also a good way to ‘cleanse’ before divination work. You do not want to bring stressed energy into a reading.

incense, scents

3. Setting the mood – The scents around you can be used to establish an auric ambiance more conducive to psychic insight. Frankincense is a popular choice, as is myrrh oil which can be used for anointing prior to divination practice. Other good psychic aromas are mint, sandalwood, rose, and lilac. Now, if you are like me, strong scents are a no-go due to allergies and migraines. That’s ok. Something as mild as lavender or vanilla that put you into a relaxed state works just as good.




4. Colors of your workspace – The color Yellow and Silver are believed to highlight psychic, creative and intuitive abilities. Having something in these colors in your workspace can help get you in the right set off mind for your work.


harp, instruments, music

5. Music and Ambiance – Like scents, music can help set the mood and help you relax and concentrate on your divination work. Instrumental music works best. Light drumming, chimes or the sounds of nature are all popular choices. With some research and time, you will find a sound that helps you meditate and relax to get you in the right frame of mind for divination work.




6. Location – Your work area needs to be comfortable while remaining functional. Dimmed lighting helps, but make sure it is lit enough that you can clearly see your tools and other important items you may need. If you need to write something down, make sure you have a notepad and pen handy, as well as any books you may need. A clean comfortable table, with a comfy chair, couch or floor cushion works well. The use of candles is great, but be sure to keep anything flammable in safe locations. Nothing will destroy the mood like catching your workspace on fire.

meditation, meditating

7. Clear your mind of personal notions – Preconceptions can channel the incorrect energy into your divination work. Try to keep a clear mind. Don’t take sides or think too deep into things prior to or during the reading. Interpretation comes later and is best done with a neutral mindset. Because of this notion, it is generally regarded as a good idea to not do readings for yourself.  Keeping a neutral mindset on your own issues can prove difficult if not impossible.


Time will teach you what works and what doesn’t for you. Maybe you can do better work outdoors instead of a darkened room, or maybe your best meditative moments are in the shower rather than sitting at your altar. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things, and always listen to your instincts to let you know what is right!

Love and Light,

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