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5 Ways to Improve your Spiritual Practice

Your spiritual practice is a deeply personal thing, that you should build to suit your lifestyle. However, for most Spiritual practice is not a life of devotion, but a practice that should benefit you rather than some great mysterious unseen force. Here are some ways to strengthen and improve your own spiritual practice.

fox sleeping on top of a logRest

Getting a good nights’ sleep and plenty of rest recharges our three selves (mind, body, and spirit).  Sleep can be a direct connection between ourselves and the energies of nature. It is where we connect to the deepest part of ourselves, the one that speaks to us when all other distractions are removed. Often for new practitioners, their path begins in their sleep. It is a simple way to connect and receive guidance from that beyond our conscious minds.

At a minimum, sleep is where the mind and body can file and process every thought and happening of the day. Don’t get enough sleep…know you will pay for it with a host of side effects, those which can even lead to serious illness or even death!

People often neglect the mind and body when thinking about their Spiritual self. These 3 things are not separate from one another, they are a trinity to be taken care of together.
If your body is tired, your mind and spirit are as well. The most usual form off Spiritual burnout is often bodily or mental exhaustion.
Relaxing and Rest are not the same. Taking a nap, meditating, or getting comfortable with silence are much more restful activities than watching tv, staring at your phone, or even reading a book. The trick is getting your mind away from sources of stimulation.

Close your eyes in the shower, sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, listen to nature. No distractions, just rest.

tarot cards with crystals and pendulumDivination

Divination requires practice, focus, and confirmation to be effective. Keeping notes of all divination sessions is essential for tracking your progress within your practice. Looking back at notes will give you a good sense of your ability, what is right, what is wrong, and where mistakes in translation have been made.

You can practice by giving free readings. Joining groups to discuss your preferred method of divination and get tips from other practitioners.

The true teacher, of course, is the actual experience. You cannot get better without practice. Mastering your preferred method of divination can create a stronger link to your spiritual path. With nearly countless methods and tools, there is a method for everyone. Don’t dismiss divination simply because you find it complicated, find a method and make it work for you. Your spiritual growth will thank you for it in the long run.

meditation, meditatingMeditation

Let’s just get it out of the way. Meditation is not easy. It’s simple, but definitely not easy. There are countless ways to meditate, from intricate, to extremely simple to understand. One of the biggest hurdles is finding a method you enjoy. The second hurdle is actually making the time to do it. Even a few minutes a day can be more beneficial than only once a month.

Meditation is one of those things that is more beneficial the more you do it. 15-20 minutes a day is ideal. You may not get a full 20 minutes off actual meditation in a day. But 20 minutes of at least trying to meditate will be beneficial. Getting into the habit of linking your mind, body, and spirit, at rest and meditating is a very tricky thing. Just because you don’t have a perfectly clear mind for the duration of your attempt doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Not many people can simply sit for 20 minutes and have a full meditation session.

Practice, don’t set unreasonable expectations from your sessions, just let it be, and the results will come. It takes time, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating, it is only frustrating if you create expectations that are not the same for everyone.

person writing in journalKeep a Journal

I already mentioned some benefits of keeping a dream journal. But really, keeping any kind of journal, even several journals can be greatly beneficial. Keeping a spell journal, daily journal, dream journal, etc. Keeping track of what you are doing, when, why, the happenings in your life, emotion, etc. Keeping notes will give such incredible insights into all aspects of your life!

Have a good note-keeping system will help you remember spells or rituals you’ve performed, and what the pros/cons and results were. Will help you memorize, and avoid mistakes you’ve done in the past that you may have forgotten about.

incense stick burningRelationships

Ok, so this may not be for everyone, but it certainly works for some. Just how you have relationships with people and animals, it can be greatly beneficial to build good relationships with energies and spirits. No, I’m not talking speaking to ghosts particularly. But if you practice any sort of ritual magic, where you call upon Spirits or Deities to aid you, it’s probably a good idea to be both in-tune and in good graces with those Spirits and Deities before we go begging for their help and guidance.

Don’t ignore the energy world. Regularly making offerings to the Spirit/Energy world is easy and not very time-consuming. It can be as quick ass lighting a piece of incense or saying a legitimate hello.

You can set up offering altars, for your Ancestors or other Energies you work with. Regular offerings smooth over accidental blunders and oversights. We can’t always be mindful of how our everyday actions affect nature and the Spirit world. Saying…’hey sorry if I’ve offended you when I stepped on those flowers by accident today’ might not be a bad idea if you’re a Green Witch.
Building relationships win friends. Deities and Spirits are not ingredients in your spell and ritual work, they are energies that can be as real as a person. Giving them a small gift or thank you will definitely smooth the way when you ask for something back from them.


I hope this has proved helpful! Remember to take a moment every day to breathe and connect.

Love and Light,


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