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5 Rules of Magical Tool Care

Magical tool care is an important part of your practice. Just like taking care of anything else in your life, like your car, your job, yourself!

Magical tools are not just ‘witchy’  stuff you keep around to look cool (or creepy). They are an extension of you, your energy and your practice.

Taking good care of your magical tools doesn’t just involve keeping them in good physical shape. You will also want to be mindful of their energy in addition to keeping them clean and in good working order.

These are 5 of my personal rules for Magical Tool care that I practice with all of my tools and materials.


  1.   Keep your tools dust-free & covered or put away when not in use. This one is a no-brainer. Keeping your tools clean will make them last longer, just like anything else. Keeping them stored safely will prevent them from damage. Treat them as you would a valuable heirloom or piece of expensive jewelry.
  2. Don’t let others touch your tools. Your tools are highly personal items. They store and re-direct *your* energy. Having others touch or handle your tools not only opens them to accidental damage but also comingling of energies. You simply don’t know what energy others are carrying around with them. Negativity can easily attach and imprint itself on your tools, thus passing onto your magical work. Should someone come into contact with your tools, be sure to smudge or cleanse them of any possible residual energy prior to their next use.
  3. Divination tools are often filled with very specific working energy. I recommend keeping sets for different purposes and not mixing them, to prevent ‘confusing’ the energy of your tools. For example, if you do Tarot readings for others, consider having a ‘public’ deck, and one that you only use for your own personal use. Same can be done for runes, pendulums, etc.
  4. Always fully cleanse, and consecrate tools before first-time use. We all buy stuff, let’ss face it. Whether they be brand new, mass-produced, artisan made, or second-hand. We acquire many of our magical tools this way, not everything is personally hand-crafted by the practitioner. You will want to attune your tools to your own energy and clear them of anything lingering from their past.
  5. Magi al tools are for magical use. Much like scissors…you don’t use your nice expensive fabric scissors to open a bag of chips. Treat your magical tools with respect. Uses them for their intended purpose only.  Kitchen witches…you might get a slight pass on that one, but I’m sure there are tools quite specific to some uses. Try to keep the energy of your tools attuned to their purpose and they are bound to perform better for you.

Having the proper care and respect for your magical tools will guarantee that they serve you well for a long time to come.


Hope this quick post is helpful! Until next time.

Love and Light


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