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15 Small Daily Rituals for Everyday Pagans

Today, I bring you a short article on 15 small rituals you can hold any day (even every day!) to get in touch with your practice and nature. These don’t have to be extravagant rituals, often times, it is the small little things that have the biggest impact.

So I hope you enjoy the article, and I hope to pick things back up with new content for everyone!


15 Small Rituals for Everyday Pagans

  • Light a Candle – This one seems mundane, and something you may even already to everyday! The scent of a candle, or even briefly enjoying a gaze into the flickering flame can quickly provide both relaxation, introspect, and connection. Lighting a candle, and saying a quick mantra or prayer before starting your day, can get you on the right mental track to tackle the daily routine!
  • Rise to Meet the Sun – If you are an early bird, this may be an easy one. Getting up early enough to enjoy the sunrise can provide vital energy and connection.
  • Go for a Walk – This may seem a silly way to connect, but a quick walk around a park during your lunch break provides a quick breather and an invigorating connection to nature. I personally take a quick walk every day during lunch around a local pond. Seeing the wildlife, hearing the birds, and enjoying the sun (or rain) is a great way to decompress midday.
  • Journaling – Whether you keep a dream journal, a magic journal, everyday signs and omens journal, or anything else. Taking a few minutes to jot down notes, or a quick passing thought can keep you connected to your roots.
  • Read a Book – Even a 10 minute read of your favorite affirmation book, self help book, spiritual book, or even your own book of shadows, can bring about connection to your practice. Doesn’t have to be a full-on study section!
  • Enjoy your Pets – For me, nothing brings me more peace than sitting and enjoying the company of my pets and familiars. A direct connection to nature that cannot be ignored.
  • Family Time – Spending some time with your family may not seem like a small daily ritual. But making an effort to enjoy the time with those you love can help you focus energy on the important things, as well as provide honor to your ancestors. Love your family every day!
  • Wear a Stone – Keeping your favorite stone or mineral with you can provide instant connection, protection, and comfort for many of us.
  • Enjoy a Cup of Tea – Relax, take a breather, and have a small connection through the magic of herbal teas. From the aroma, to the taste, to the possible tea leaf reading at the end!
  • A Card a Day – Ok, so most of us may be a little weary of what our Tarot deck may choose to tell us on a particular day. But pulling a card a day, might be a good way to get a quick (non judgemental) tip or insight into your day!
  • The Moon – Nothing is more Pagan than taking a few minutes to look up at the Moon. Feeling her energy rain down upon you, and watching her glow light up the night sky.
  • Ground and Center – Even just a minute barefoot in your back yard can have great health and mind benefits. Taking the time to feel the earth through your feet, and centering is a fantastic daily mini-ritual.
  • Gardening – Couple of minutes whispering sweet nothings to your house plants, or picking some fresh herbs from your garden. Nature connection at it’s finest.
  • Smudge – Even a quick 5 minute smudge of the most used room can freshen up those vibes!
  • Signs in Nature – Look for signs, however small, anytime you are out. From cloud formations, to birds, maybe it’s that feather your dog brought in from the yard. It’s the little things that bind us to nature.

I know it’s been a super long time since I had posted anything. Please know I haven’t forgotten you! Been super busy with regular, every day life. Between work, trying to start some side gigs, giant puppy dog, kids, now summer break has hit! Well you name it. Pagans aren’t immune to the every day hassles of life, as you all well know. We do still need to find little breaks here and there to find ourselves, and our practice even during the busiest of times.  I hope you have enjoyed this quick article on small every day rituals you can do in your daily life! They only take a couple of minutes, and can  help you re-connect no matter where you are!


Love & Light


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