About Me

We are all stardust!

Who is the Priestess…

Welcome to MoonlitPriestess.com!

I have built this space several times (hopefully it sticks this time).

I am a 40-something, mom of 3, living in the PNW. Married to my soulmate for over 10 years, on a journey of learning and personal growth.

I have been on a journey of learning for the past 31 years.

Paganism and Witchcraft have been a calling for me since I was around 13 years old. I grew up in a Catholic family, and although I have a great love for my Catholic roots, I have a great wonder for learning about other belief systems and religions. This curiosity has sent me on a journey of learning about all matters of things. From Occultism to the Paranormal, to several Pagan traditions, Wicca, Atheism, and so much more!

Lifelong learning is not just part of my Neurodivergent brain (say hello to ADHD), but has also proven to be the most amazing way to meet people worldwide.

Learning about the dark, mysterious, and somewhat misunderstood, is also a fun way to disengage from the often overwhelming nature of the everyday rat race we seem to live in today.

A closer bond with Nature, and the ability to exercise a greater open mind about all things, is something I aspire to continue every day.